The industry’s best asset tracking devices

Unbeatable battery life. Easy installation. Advanced fleet monitoring features.

Only one asset tracker simultaneously supports

Fast and easy installation

Quickly and intuitively move FleetUp trackers from one asset to another, so you’ll always be able to keep an eye on your most important assets.

The industry’s longest battery life

FleetUp’s devices update data every 10 seconds for at least 90 days. Solar power options increase device life exponentially.

Advanced GPS fleet tracking software

From anti-theft technology to custom SMS and email alerts, FleetUp asset trackers support comprehensive fleet management.

The most rugged GPS fleet tracking devices


Fast and fool-proof installation

Quickly and intuitively attach the FleetUp tracker to any asset, using either its magnetic back or its simple lock.

Remotely lock and unlock container doors

Increase asset security by only allowing container doors to be opened via your home office. Or give your keycard to trusted personnel.

Anti-theft alerts

The moment your container doors are opened, either with a key or by breaking the lock, your security team will receive SMS or email notifications.

Solar power option

Without solar power, FleetUp asset trackers last an industry-best 90 days. With solar power, their battery power is potentially unlimited.

Continuous updates

Every 10 seconds, FleetUp’s cloud telematics checks the status of every asset in your organization. Stay informed in real time.

Cloud-based platform

Access your account via any desktop or mobile device. See all asset and employee data at once to make fast and informed decisions.

FleetUp’s suite of GPS asset trackers

The 4CJ will:

  • Track GPS location
  • Prevent theft
  • Monitor driver speed
  • Send clients live ETA data

The 4CT will:

  • Monitor temperature and humidity
  • Track GPS location
  • Prevent theft
  • Monitor driver speed
  • Send clients live ETA data

The 5TA will:

  • Track GPS location
  • Discreetly fit in any location
  • Help recover lost or stolen assets
  • Send clients live ETA data

The FleetUp Solar Charger will:

  • Keep devices charged in sunlight
  • Extend the battery life of devices
  • Reduce time spent monitoring and recharging devices
  • Continue tracking location of stolen assets and assisting in asset recovery

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