Construction equipment tracking software

Take charge of construction equipment with end-to-end tracking and fleet monitoring.

FleetUp’s GPS fleet tracking software will help you finish more construction jobs in less time with higher profit margins. Monitor and manage


Keep equipment on the job longer while reducing idle hours. Track anything from heavy equipment to tools to vehicles.

Worksite safety and security

Reduce liability and asset loss by monitoring worksites in real time.


Streamline remote personnel operations by centralizing communications and automating paperwork.

Increase equipment uptime

  • Create a centralized, efficient maintenance plan accessible to all approved employees.
  • Receive automated text and email alerts when construction equipment is in danger of breakdown.
  • Prevent engine failure with live engine monitoring.

Stop equipment theft and loss

  • Guard against theft and unauthorized use. Automated text and email notifications alert you when construction equipment is taken offsite.
  • Locate lost equipment. Concealed tracking devices are difficult to find and continually track equipment location.
  • Safely and remotely turn off the engines of stolen construction equipment.

Control construction costs

  • Cut fuel use. FleetUp’s patented Fuel Waste Analysis technology cuts fuel costs by 10% or more.
  • Track employee overtime and assign jobs more efficiently.
  • Bill clients with exact accuracy. Create invoices that are precise to the minute by tracking equipment start and stop times.

Improve construction safety and eliminate liability risks

  • Stop reckless behavior on construction worksites. Receive automated text and email notifications when employees use equipment recklessly.
  • Reduce liability risks. FleetUp’s Driver Safety Scorecards track and grade drivers, pinpointing who can be trusted and who needs to be retrained.

Improve employee workflows

  • Assign tasks to employees via work orders sent to their FleetUp Driver mobile app.
  • Track remote employee work hours with FleetUp’s electronic, app-assisted time card system.
  • Automate payroll and free your clerical staff to focus on profit-generating work.

Automate construction inventory management

  • Quickly find the nearest available equipment when new jobs need to be started.
  • Identify underused construction equipment.
  • Reduce equipment idle hours.

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